Luxembourg Government to Assist Small and Medium-Sized Companies


The Luxembourg Secretary of State for the Economy has recently announced a new plan containing 99 measures to help small and medium-sized companies. The plan was conceived in association with several business groups and targets the interests of around 32,000 companies in Luxembourg. Our law firm in Luxembourg can help foreign entrepreneurs set up a company in the Grand Duchy.


Luxembourg Launches Fund for Innovative Companies


The information and communication technology (ICT) industry in Luxembourg is about receive substantial aid from the Government, as the launch of a new seed fund was announced. The Government will cooperate with several companies in the private sector to develop the fund. Our law firm in Luxembourg can assist you in setting up a company in the ICT sector.

Luxembourg, the Third Most Competitive Financial Center in Europe


Luxembourg was ranked the third most competitive financial center in Europe in the newly released Global Financial Centers Index. The small country managed to climb five places from last year. In 2016, Luxembourg occupies the 14th place in the overall top. This award is a confirmation that Grand Duchy is an important business and financial hub in Europe. Although surrounded by neighboring countries that also make the global index, Luxembourg manages to surpass larger countries through its competitive characteristics

Corporate Tax Rate in Luxembourg to be Cut


The Luxembourg Government announced a reduction of the corporate income tax which will be implemented gradually, during the next two years. The purpose of this reduction is to encourage foreign investment in the country. Small and medium-sized companies in the country will pay a reduced rate, provided that they will qualify for this special rate.

Luxembourg Launches a Five-Year Plan for Development of the Financial Centre


LUXFIN2020 is the name of a five-year vision for the upgrowth of Luxembourg's financial centre. This report shows how Luxembourg has grown into an European leading financial centre in the last three decades and also how it will keep striving for high quality service and excellence on the path of its financial services industryOur law firm in Luxembourg can provide you with further information about this development vision for the country.

Luxembourg - One of Europe's Healthiest Economies


Analysing the basic economic dynamics, Luxembourg ranks third out of twenty one countries (the eurozone plus Poland, the UK and Sweden) for highest "Fundamental Health Indicator", according to latest studies. The Fundamental Health Indicator has the role of identifying underlying strengths and weaknesses of countries in Europe. It completes the Adjustment Progress Indicator. Luxembourg is therefore placed right behind Estonia and Germany and ahead of the Netherlands. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can provide you with further information on Luxembourg's economy.

Luxembourg: Top Location for French Asset Managers


Luxembourg maintains its position as an attractive center for asset managers. The Duchy continues to have very good credit ratings and it particularly attracts French asset managers who have developed close ties with the small country. The wide range of investment vehicles in Luxembourg are attractive for many foreign investors. If you want to explore the options available in this business field you can request the services of our attorneys in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, a Top Destination for Talented Employees


The 2015 IMD World Talent Report ranks Luxembourg as the best country in Europe for attracting and retaining talented workforce. The Grand Duchy is considered an appealing destination for talented professionals, young and/or experienced. The country’s central location is certainly a strong factor for any young professional who wants a career but other factors like a good work climate, the value of the remuneration and the tax rates for individuals are strong and decisive factors.

New income taxation rules


A mutual agreement signed between Luxembourg and Belgium aims at relaxing the taxation rules for cross-border employees between Belgium and Luxembourg in regards to the taxation of their employment income in one of the two countries. The treaty clarifies the manner in which taxation is made for employees, especially for Belgian tax residents who perform activities outside Luxembourg, without altering the taxation principles applicable in the Grand Duchy. Our Luxembourg lawyers can give you detailed information about the taxation rules for companies and individuals.

Second protocol to the Luxembourg-UAE income tax treaty


A second protocol to the Income Tax Convention between Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been recently approved by the UAE cabinet. The protocol has been approved by Luxembourg and signed by its Council of Ministers and has been sent to the Parliament to receive a final approval. The protocol offers reciprocal advantages for investors in Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates and it also deals with information exchange issues.

A new temporary tax on income


The year 2015 has brought some changes to the taxation of individuals in Luxembourg. A new temporary tax for the budget balance will apply starting this year and changes are also forecasted for the Luxembourg social security code. The new tax aims at improving the financial budget for childcare. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can help you understand how the tax on income applies and how it influences you and your business in Luxembourg.

The company car tax


Employees in Luxembourg who want to purchase a company car can deduct the purchase price of the vehicle using the 100% cap method. This company car tax was introduced through a new circular issued by the Luxembourg Direct Tax Authority. If you are an employee in Luxembourg who wants to find out more about purchasing a company car, our Luxembourg lawyers can help you make the necessary arrangements.

OECD: Luxembourg should diversify its economy


The most recent OECD report in Luxembourg reveals that the country needs to find ways to diversify its economy as fast as possible in order to lower the existing dependence on the financial sector. While Luxembourg is regarded as one of the most prosperous economies in the EU and a good location for investments, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development believes that certain changes could be implemented to ensure the country’s well-being on the long term.

New rules for transfer pricing for companies


Luxembourg is a country dedicated to transparency in commercial activities and a new set of rules aims to increase the level of regulation. Companies in Luxembourg will have to deal with new rules on transfer pricing, as the Luxembourg Government passed a new law on this matter, as part of a larger set of laws known as the “Zukunfstpack”. 

Luxembourg, promoted as an European ICT hub in Silicon Valley


The ICT sector is an important one in Luxembourg and many international companies like Amazon and Apple have established their presence in the Grand Duchy. Now, Luxembourg officials are planning to let one of the greatest ICT centers in the world, Silicon Valley in the United States, know that Luxembourg is a country with great potential for the information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

New records in real estate expected in 2015


Real estate experts in Luxembourg expect the current year to be a very good one for new investments in real estate as well as real estate purchases. The market seems to have not been influenced by the economic crisis and it engaged in a growing trend during 2014, a trend that is predicted to last throughout 2015. Looking at the figures from last year and making the first predictions for 2015, experts estimate the year to be a record one for real estate in Luxembourg.

The business etiquette in Luxembourg


If you are a foreign investor doing business in Luxembourg, chances are you will come across some specific cultural patterns and customs that the people of Luxembourg use in their day to day business activities. When opening a company in Luxembourg, you want to make sure that you do not only observe the legislation for investments, but also take the time to get accustomed to and apply the business etiquette customary in this small European country.

Tax reductions for sponsorship in the culture sector


Businesses in Luxembourg have much more than an economic role. They can help promote values and engage in cultural activities and cultural sponsorship. In Luxembourg, companies can participate in the cultural life of the city by providing more than one kind of support to any activity in the creative arts and culture sector. Companies that choose to engage in such activities can benefit from tax reductions for financial sponsorships or donations. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can help you understand the donation mechanism and the main benefits for your business.

The state to help some companies pay their employees


Companies in Luxembourg have made requests to the state to help them pay the wages for approximately 2,680 employees. This partial funding scheme is allowed in Luxembourg and it is designed for companies in financial difficulty so that their employees could still benefit from their normal monthly wages and not be affected by the company’s economic situation.

Tax changes in 2015


Luxembourg’s Ministry of Finance has recently released the draft budget for 2015, which includes certain measures that will become effective starting January 1st 2015. The most significant change is an increase of the value added tax by 2%, as a result of the changes made by the European Union regarding the value added tax for certain services. Investors in Luxembourg should also know that further changes concern the minimum income tax for certain business entities and a new tax that will be introduced to fund welfare initiatives. 

Opportunity to attract American business to Luxembourg


Luxembourg officials believe that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the US is an important opportunity to attract foreign investors to Luxembourg. However, there has been a long debate surrounding this trade deal and Luxembourg, along with other European countries like France, have said that the deal must observe the European standards for imports and exports.

Entrepreneurs ask for more governmental support for family business


Luxembourg owes quite a lot to family businesses operating in various fields. These small businesses, passed from generation to generation, are an important part of the country’s economy and account for almost 40 percent of the employment in Luxembourg. However, entrepreneurs in Luxembourg believe that the government should pay more attention to these businesses and acknowledge their contribution to the economy.

Investments, expected to grow in the next months


Investments in Luxembourg are expected to grow by approximately 2.5 percent in the next months, according to a recent study concluded in October. As a consequence, business owners expect employments to grow by 0.5 percent. Most business owners consider investing in certain areas that will help their business grow and expand.