Luxembourg Is More Appealing to Young Entrepreneurs

Written by: Bridgewest

A few years back, the Luxembourg government started encouraging investments in other industries than the financial one, and thus attracting young entrepreneurs. Now, the first results are being assessed and they are vey good. According to the authorities, young generations of investors from the ranks of millennials are the most active in Luxembourg. Our law firm in Luxembourg can assist foreign enterpriser who want to open companies here.

What are the best industries to invest in Luxembourg?

According to a study carried out by a venture capital company, among the industries with a high impact on investments are agriculture, agriculture technology, telecommunications and energy. One of the best examples is agriculture which has started developing quite a lot during these last few years and with the help of technology, goods produced by local companies in Luxembourg can reach more markets from countries in South America, for example.

Energy is another sector which underwent remarkable progress, as solar power has granted “decentralized access to energy”.

According to the study, investors and their companies still have to gain the trust of the communities as it is not easy to just take innovation and technology ask for full confidence.

Luxembourg offers various investment tools 

There are several institutions and non-governmental organizations which can help Luxembourg businesses in the innovation and technology field to increase their reach and to gain the confidence of more potential customers all over the world. Among these, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange through which funds can be raised through listings. The Green Stock Exchange is one of the best examples in this sense.

The Luxembourg government also launched the Climate Finance Accelerator, another program through which fund managers can invest in programs related to improving the climate.

The study also revealed that more innovative businesses will appear on the Luxembourg market as the number of young citizens and residents choosing entrepreneurship will continue to grow.

If you want to start a business in this country and need assistance, please feel free to contact our lawyers in Luxembourg.