Investments, expected to grow in the next months

Written by: Bridgewest

Investments in Luxembourg are expected to grow by approximately 2.5 percent in the next months, according to a recent study concluded in October. As a consequence, business owners expect employments to grow by 0.5 percent. Most business owners consider investing in certain areas that will help their business grow and expand.


Businesses, determined to focus on growth

Entrepreneurs in Luxembourg are being optimistic and foresee that their profits will rise, on average, by 2.8 percent during the next six months. Moreover, the predictions for increase could reach as much as 2.9 percent and they are close to the estimated gross domestic product rate that Luxembourg has planned for 2014.
In order to increase their profits, entrepreneurs in Luxembourg plan on investing more in their businesses. First of all, they expect employment to rise slightly, by 0.5%. The interest in recruiting new staff is partly due to the fact that companies are making strategic shifts.
The majority of business owners plan on increasing the competitiveness of their company through different measures, including investing in:
- employee training (almost 49% of the business leaders);
- devoting resources for the exploitation of new markets (56% of business owners);
- investing in IT development and services for their company (53% of business leaders).
On the other hand, almost three quarters of the interviewed entrepreneurs plan on investing less in advertising, acquisition and wages.  

Optimistic about competitiveness

The most recent global competitiveness index puts Luxembourg in a favorable place. Employees in Luxembourg are optimistic about the country’s competitiveness and the country is doing well in many areas analysed for the global competitiveness index. The country is expected to maintain this positive trend in terms of competitiveness for at least the next 12 months. 
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